Janyja wel beni (welcome)…

My name is Brenda Mau, I am a Torres Strait Islander (Waiben), Mandubarra, Kalkadoon, Wuthathi, Ngadjonjii woman, who was born on MaMu country of North Queensland. I am an Appo born and raised, but I fell in love and married a handsome Torres Strait Islander man, who’s family comes from Saibai Island. We have two charming and gorgeous boys together, a dog named Zeus, and we are surrounded by our family who are always there to support us without question.

I have always loved being artistic from a young age, but started delving into art more towards the end of my career in mining. To me art and fashion is magical, I love expressing my individual creativity to share with the community and show that our First Nations culture is beautiful and our identity is strong. I want to show that I am am willing to break down barriers, and to maintain and strengthen the relationship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people.

My inspiration comes from all of the staunch women that have always been present in my life, especially my mother, who has the kindest heart. They have taught me from a young age that I need to be grateful for where I came from and who I am, and so I am always learning more about my connection to the land, sea and stars.

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